Dnastar lasergene download

Dnastar lasergene download

DNASTAR Lasergene 15.2 Full Suite (full cracked download)

Dnastar Lasergene Download
Lasergene free software
DNASTAR is committed to providing innovative and easy-to-use desktop software tools for today's life scientists. DNASTAR Lasergene provides all the software you need for molecular biology, genomics, and structural biology research and is available as a complete package or as individual suites. We also offer four different licensing options to provide flexibility in accommodating your specific needs.

Lasergene 15.2 includes several enhancements to our Molecular Biology, Genomics and Structural Biology suites. Here are just some of the features that are included with this release:

Agarose gel simulations in SeqBuilder Pro
More high-throughput sequence editing capabilities in SeqBuilder Pro, including automated sequence sampling for post-assembly data processing
Ability to browse protein animations from SeqBuilder Pro
Comprehensive pairwise alignment, powered by ParaSail, that dramatically improves performance through hardware optimization in MegAlign Pro

Addition of DESeq statistics for RNA-Seq analysis
Multi-sample NGS assembly in the DNASTAR Cloud
Neighbor search feature that allows you to model and interrogate the area around a mutated residue in Protean 3D
Protein composition analysis in Protean 3D
Several bug fixes and enhancements in all suites
See our version comparison guide and release notes below for more details about specific changes in this, and previous releases.

The DNASTAR Lasergene package is the most robust of our software offerings, and includes all of the applications from our genomics, molecular biology, and structural biology suites.
Whether your work focuses on next-gen sequencing assembly and analysis, clinical research, or traditional sequence analysis, the DNASTAR Lasergene package will meet your research needs, and is available on both the desktop computer as well as the DNASTAR Cloud.



Downloading Lasergene

Thank you for using our software library. Download the required product from the developer's site for free safely and easily using the official link provided by the developer of Lasergene below.

However, we must warn you that downloading Lasergene from an external source releases FDM Lib from any responsibility. Please carefully check your downloads with antivirus software. FDM Lib shall include an option for direct download from developers, should it become available in the future.

DNAStar Lasergene

About Lasergene

DNASTAR Lasergene is licensed by the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library and is now offered at no cost to the Emory Research Community.  The Lasergene Core Suite Includes full access to SeqBuilder, SeqMan Pro, MegAlign, MegaAlign Pro, GeneQuest, Protean Protean 3D, SeqNinja, Genvision, Primer Select and EditSeq.  Additionally, Seqman Ngen, Arraystar and Qseq are licensed for use by Emory researchers.

Technical Requirements

  • Most DNASTAR Lasergene products are available for both Windows (Windows XP, Vista, or 7) and Mac (OS 10.6 or later).
  • Array Star and QSeq are available only on the Windows platform (available for Mac when running a Windows 7 parallel desktop).
  • Please be aware that newly available modules SeqMan Ngen and Qseq require potentially large amounts of RAM.  A minimum of 8GB RAM for Qseq and a minimum of 16GB RAM for SeqMan Ngen are recommended.
  • The WHSC Library has available two computer workstations that can run SeqMan Ngen and Qseq in the library

Registering and Downloading Lasergene

  • Start by submitting a request to Ask A Librarian or contact Jeremy Kupsco: [email protected] or Kimberly Powell:[email protected] to receive the IP address for the Lasergene Server at Emory.
  • After obtaining IP address, download the appropriate version of Lasegene from Emory Software Express. 
  • Follow the install prompts. Choose “silent install’ to keep prompts to a minimum.   When DNASTAR Lasergene Authorization prompt pops up, choose the applications you wish to authorize and click next.  When prompted, select “Network” for License Type and use the provided server address to authenticate the download.

Off Campus Access

Users can access Lasergene off campus by using the following two methods:  logging in to the VPN, vpn.emory.edu, or Lasergene gives you the option to “checkout a temporary license for up to 30 days that will allow off campus access, you can set this option up by clicking on “ Commuter License Manager”
Dnastar Lasergene Download
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